Exciting report in Macworld Expo


On Aug.2nd, 2012, Macworld Expo was holding in Beijing National Conference Center. This was the consecutive second year that Macworld Expo came to China.As the Symbolic activity of the largest scope, the most professional and the most valuable in China and Asia Pacific region, this Expo set up a large exhibition and BBS, which attracted many electronics and peripherals manufacturers both at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition



The blue tooth series of scales that are researched and developed by YESHM and APPLE attracts high attention at the Expo. Most media and audiences are very interested. Simple appearance design, glittering and translucent color, human experience feeling, art design for every product, they are what performers love.


Each media’s exclusive report, please click this website to find: http://apple.zol.com.cn/311/3115272.html