2023 Spring Canton Fair


YESHM participated in the three phases of the Canton Fair in April. This offline trade fair, held for the first time in three years after the pandemic, carries significant importance. As an exhibitor, YESHM thoroughly prepared for this event. From April 15th to May 5th, our team worked tirelessly day and night, with the sole aim of reuniting with international friends and exploring more development opportunities in the post-pandemic era.


At this edition of the Canton Fair, YESHM company showcased a variety of innovative electronic scale products that captured the attention of numerous visitors. Among them were



the aesthetically pleasing and feature-packed Little Bird Tea Scale.



The technologically advanced and craftsmanship-infused Voice-Activated Kitchen Scale.



The young and fashionable rainbow display bathroom scale.



And the massage body weight scale that combines craftsmanship and creativity, offering both relaxation and health benefits.

以及工艺与创意兼具的按摩体重秤, 休闲健康两不误。


YESHM company has made thorough preparations to provide international friends with high-quality products and professional services. We will continue to strive for innovation and offer users more and better products. We are filled with anticipation for the future and believe that YESHM company will embrace a brighter future in the field of electronic scales!