We do a lot to make the users have a better experience and realize the creative surprise in product interaction. We eliminate the circumscription between technology and art to let the users enjoy fashionable endless fun by these creative digital products. YESHM internal App development team and MFi team worked together and developed the easy-to-use applications for users to download for free.


On iPod touch or iPhone it could display the scale measuring data which was transfered by Bluetooth and begin the intelligent health management automatically. The magnificent interface design and simple-operated interactiont make the health experience and interaction between products and users become interesting and lively.

Real-time weighing

The device can receive real-time weight, analyze whether the body's mass index is normal and show the results. It could also show how much weight differences are from the last one and how much weight differences are from the objective weight and whether the BMI index is in the normal range.

"Simulate pointer style" weighing experience

The simulate pointer display in "Moderm retro aroma" style makes your weighing procedure more interesting. In the same time you can set the related sound by: "Setting> Pointer rolling sound> Select" and turn on the sound .

The data will change synchronizingly when pointer rolles.

Different colors indication BMI index lets you know the different health status.

Weight diagram

The system will generate the daily weight data into diagram automatically. Touch the screen to show the curves diagram changes in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Check the "Weight" diagram changes

You could touch the chart slightly and glide it to look over your health condition of every time, including "Weight" at that time, the colorful strip showing the health results in BMI index, and the differences from the objective weight etc. It supplies you a powerful data support to do the physical fitness.

Weight changes list

According to your daily weighing data, the software can generate monthly diagram. You can review the diagram by "sliding the screen up and down" to check the weight records.